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reflexologyReflexology is based on the principle that areas in the toes, palms and different parts of the physique relate to the internal organs and different structures of the body. Reflexology is the belief that specific spots on the palms, toes, and ears are linked to other elements of the physique. The results are unique to every individual however many believe it promotes leisure, improves circulation, stimulates very important organs and encourages the physique’s natural therapeutic processes.

Traditionally, each therapy is targeting one area of focus – both your toes, arms or ears however not a number of areas. This strain will then set off the body’s therapeutic course of in the corresponding space of the physique. They imagine their contact sends vitality flowing through an individual’s physique till it reaches the world in need of therapeutic.

Reflexologists don’t diagnose, prescribe or treat specific circumstances. All ten of the books I’ve inspected mention scores of health issues that reflexology has supposedly helped. Acupressure and deep tissue techniques are applied to the complete body, ranging from the feet and legs and dealing up to the arms, ears, and head.

Reflexology rests on the traditional Chinese perception in qi (pronounced chee”), or important vitality.” In keeping with this belief, qi flows by every person. Reflexologists use foot charts to information them as they apply strain to specific areas. Reflexology is a natural, therapeutic remedy appropriate for most individuals.

Reflexology is predicated on an absurd theory and has not been demonstrated to influence the course of any illness. The reflexology remedy itself seeks to calm down you, rebalance your body and help your body to heal itself. Reflexology in combination with typical ache medicines has been shown to have a constructive impact on put up-operative ache, extra so than pain relievers alone.