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reflexologyReflexology is a complementary remedy based on the assumption that all parts of the physique are represented on the foot (largely the soles) and that inner organs might be stimulated by pressing particular areas of the foot. An entire session of reflexology focuses on the sixty five reflex points on the ft, each of which corresponds to a specific gland, organ or muscle group. The price of Reflexology could be claimed back from some non-public medical insurance companies. Gretel has worked as a volunteer reflexologist as part of a cranio-sacral reflexology research program carried out on the cancer patients at Jacaranda Lodge at The San Hospital in Wahroonga.

It has been suggested by a Swiss research that sufferers who’ve undergone reflexology classes confirmed a big lower in the amount of treatment wanted. Stress utilized to the foot is believed to deliver leisure and healing to the corresponding area of the physique.

There are a selection of research funded by the Nationwide Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health in the USA that point out reflexology might help with decreasing ache, enhancing relaxation and sleep. An example of a reflexology chart of the hand, demonstrating the areas that practitioners consider correspond with organs within the “zones” of the physique.

However, the remedy will not be suitable for everybody and shouldn’t be utilized by individuals who suffer from verrucas or athlete’s foot, osteoporosis, a recently damaged or fractured bone in your ankle or foot, or damaged skin. Reflexology focuses on those very important connections to help energize the physique while selling leisure and properly-being.