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shopping catalogsThere are items in your buying bag. If the preparer adds an item to the requisition, data templates related to the item or the class of the merchandise will probably be accessible for the preparer to offer additional data before the requisition is submitted. Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement offers a versatile answer to catalog and content administration, enabling catalog administrators to pick out from a number of approaches based mostly on the corporate enterprise model.

If the public buying listing header is on the market in a requisitioning BU, however no items are relevant, then the public procuring listing will probably be displayed with none items. Sensible forms created in procurement business models will be shared throughout the requisitioning business units that the procurement BU companies.

Info Templates are created in a Procurement Business Unit and can be found to Requisitioning Business Units serviced by that Procurement BU. In the occasion where a Requisitioning BU is serviced by a number of Procurement BUs, and more than one service supplier had assigned an data template to an merchandise or category, relevant data templates from all service provider Procurement BUs will be returned.

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