Footsteps To Health

reflexologyReflexology is an historic form of therapy practised as a remedy in different medicine. Reflexologists don’t diagnose, prescribe or deal with particular situations. All ten of the books I’ve inspected point out scores of well being issues that reflexology has supposedly helped. Acupressure and deep tissue methods are utilized to the whole physique, starting from the feet and legs and dealing as much as the arms, ears, and head.

Reflexology relies on an absurd principle and has not been demonstrated to influence the course of any illness. The reflexology treatment itself seeks to loosen up you, rebalance your body and help your body to heal itself. Reflexology together with conventional ache medications has been shown to have a positive effect on submit-operative pain, more so than ache relievers alone.

All Reflexologists at Massage Addict are licensed. Reflexologists claim that any health problems within the physique can usually be detected within the corresponding area of the foot. Applying pressure and soothing methods to those areas can have a healing effect on the relevant organs and help the physique’s self-therapeutic capacity.

The reflexologist applies strain with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to the reflex factors, on the lookout for ‘crystals’ near the nerve endings. This therapy could also be unsuitable if you have sure medical conditions equivalent to epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid problems, a blood disorder, foot issues or you’re within the first trimester of being pregnant.

Let your practitioner know if you are uncomfortable or start to feel any ache throughout your reflexology session. Your toes and fingers will receive an all-over treatment, then your therapist will begin engaged on the particular points that relate to your inside well being issues.